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The New Popular Indian Art

In the nineteenth century a new world of popular art developed in many of the cities of India.

In Bengal, a new style of art began developing

  • The new style developed around the pilgrimage centre of the temple of Kalighat.

  • Local village scroll painters were called patuas.

  • The potters were called kumors in eastern India and kumhars in north India.

  • They moved from the surrounding villages into Calcutta in the early nineteenth century.

As the East India Company established itself in Calcutta, Calcutta under went many changes.

  • Colonial Offices came up.

  • New buildings and roads were built.

  • Markets thrived.

  • Many people came to live in Calcutta. The city appeared as a place of opportunity where people could come to make a new living.

  • Artists from villages came and settled in the city as they hoped their art work would have new buyers.

  • Before the nineteenth century, the village patuas and kumors worked on mythological themes and produced images of gods and goddesses. They continued to paint on the same theme even after coming to Kalighat.

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