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Nepal and Its Constitutio

A constitution, as we saw, should spell out the ideals the citizens believe that their country should uphold.


Let us see if the constitution of Nepal spells out the ideals of its citizens.

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  • Nepal is a mountain kingdom situated on the Northern border of India, between India and China.
  • Initially Nepal was a monarchy.
  • The constitution of Nepal which was drafted in 1990 established the authority of the king.
  • The people of Nepal fought for democracy.
  • Democracy was established in 2006.
  • Nepal started drafting a new constitution, after democracy was attained.
  • Now the country is governed by an Interim Constitution that came to effect from January 15, 2007.


    So, we come to understand that Nepal felt the need for a new constitution after it became an independent nation and was not a monarchy any more.

Let us look at the reasons that made it essential for Nepal to draft a new constitution.

  • There was a dire need for a new constitution as the ideals of the people had changed as the country had moved from a monarchy to a democracy.
  • The old constitution was drafted when the country was under the rule of the king.
  • The people of Nepal fought for a democratic government for many years.
  • So the old constitution does not reflect the ideals of the people.
  • The new constitution will change the rules of the old constitution in order to bring in a new society with new ideals.
  • A new constitution is also necessary to define the nature of a country’s political system as previously the country was ruled by the King and his council of ministers.
  • The new constitution will play a very important role in shaping the nation as in a democratic country as a constitution lays down the guidelines that govern the people.

Now let us look at the path that lead the people of Nepal towards Democracy :

  • There was a people’s struggle in 1990 that established democracy that lasted for 12 years until 2002.
  • In October 2002, King Gyanendra began taking over the government with the assistance of the army.
  • In 2005 King Gyanendra took over as the head of the government.
  • In 2006 people’s movement for democracy began gaining immense force.
  • In April 2006 the King restored the Third Parliament and asked the political parties to form a government.
  • In 2007, Nepal adopted an interim Constitution. ​

The Struggle for Democracy


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