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Separation of Powers

We just saw that the Constitution of India has advocated a three tier system of governance namely, the Central Government, the State Government and the Panchayat Raj.


Now let us concentrate on the State Government

The State Government has been classified into three categories.

  • The Legislature
  • The Executive
  • The Judiciary
  • The legislature refers to our elected representatives.
  • The executive is a smaller group of people who are responsible for implementing laws and running the government.
  • The judiciary refers to the system of courts in this country.

In order to prevent the misuse of power each branch of the State government has its powers fixed by the Constitution.


The Constitution ensures that a balance of power is maintained between the Legislature Executive and the Judiciary.

The word ‘State’ refers to the sovereign people who occupy a definite territory.

Tamil Nadu State

Kerala State

Government means the leaders who are elected to represent the people of the State and who govern the people of that State.

Elected Representatives of Tamil Nadu (Government)

  • The Government may change after an election but the State (people of the state) remains the same.
  • The Government is only a part of the State; hence the State and the Government are not the same and cannot be used one instead of the other.

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