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In a Democracy like India, the country is run by the rule of law.


Law is a system of rules, usually imposed through a Government or Institution and is applied to govern a group people. It shapes politics, economics and society in numerous ways.


All laws apply equally to all citizens of the country and no one can be above the law.

Any crime or violation of law has a specific punishment as well as a process through which the guilt of the person has to be established.


How is the guilt of a person established?

Who establishes the guilt of a person?

Through whom and how is justice administered?

In law, the judiciary or judicial system is the system of courts which administers justice in the name of the state. It is the mechanism for the resolution of disputes and pronouncement of punishment. As an organ of the State, the judiciary plays a crucial role in the functioning of India’s democracy.

The most important factor is that the judiciary is independent.



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