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People Initiatives

Slowly people from all walks of live joined in the movement for Swaraj. Some took the route of non-violence as advocated by Gandhiji, while others protested in their own way.

  • The Patidar peasants who belonged to Gujarat organised non-violent campaigns against the high land revenue demanded by the British.
  • In Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, liquor shops were attacked.
  • The tribals and poor peasants of Guntur, in Andhra Pradesh, staged forest satyagrahas, for the British did not allow them to use the forests for grazing their cattle.
  • In Sind, Muslim traders and peasants supported the Khilafat call.
  • In Bengal the Khilafat-Non-Cooperation alliance gave enormous communal unity and strength to the national movement.
  • In Punjab, the Akali agitation of the Sikhs wanted the corrupt mahants who supported by the British removed from the Gurdwaras.
  • In Assam, tea garden demanded a big increase in their wages. They left the British-owned plantations amidst declarations that they were following Gandhiji’s wish. 

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