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Quit India Movement and Later

A new phase of civil disobedience movement was started by Gandhiji. The ‘Quit India Movement’ was initiated. Mahatma Gandhi said that the British must quit India immediately. He wanted the Indians to fight for freedom till they achieved it, but he wanted them to fight for it in a non-violent way.

Women's Procession in Bombay during the Quit India Movement, 1942

  • Gandhiji and other leaders were jailed by the British but the movement spread.

  • Numerous peasants joined in the movement.

  • Students gave up their studies and joined the movement.

  • Communications and symbols of state authority were attacked all over the country.

  • In many areas Indians set up their own governments.

The British did their best to suppress the movement. By 1943 over 90,000 people were arrested, and about a 1,000 killed in police firing. The movement did not subside in spite of all the suppression. Finally the British began accepting the demand for freedom by the Indians.

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