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  • In 1885 the Indian National Congress was established.

  • The Congress demanded that it have a say in the government and administration.

  • The Congress wanted the British to respect the ideals of freedom and justice demanded by the Indians.

  • The Congress was made up two sections of people with different views, the Moderates and the Radicals.

  • The Swadeshi movement and the Vandemataram Movement.

  • The All India Muslim League was formed at Dacca in 1906.

  • After 1919 the struggle against British rule became a mass movement

  • Mahatma Gandhi emerged as a new leader.

  • There were 3 major Nationalist movements between 1919 and 1922, namely the Rowlatt Satyagraha, the Khilafat agitation and the Non-Cooperation Movement.

  • The Civil Disobedience Movement was launched in 1930.

  • In 1930, Gandhiji declared that he would lead a march to break the salt law.

  • The ‘Quit India Movement’ was initiated by Gandhiji.

  • By 1943 the British began accepting the demand for freedom by the Indians.

  • In 1940 the Muslim League passed a resolution demanding "Independent States" for Muslims in the north-western and eastern areas of the country.

  • The Congress and the Muslim League were unable to come to a consensus and partition became inevitable.

  • The state of Pakistan was born. The partition brought untold misery to millions of Indians.

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