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The Growth of Mass Nationalism

  • After 1919 the struggle against British rule became a mass movement.

  • Peasants, tribals, students, factory workers and women took part in the national movement.

  • In 1920s business groups also supported the Congress in the national movement.

Reasons for the Support of Business Groups

  • The First World War changed the economic and political situation in India.

  • There was a huge rise in the defence expenditure of the Government of India.

  • The government increased taxes on individuals and businesses.

  • The price of all commodities increased putting the common man into a lot of hardship.

  • There was a great demand for industrial goods due to the war and this resulted in the decline of European goods being imported into India. This in turn gave the Indian industrialists a chance to expand their production.

The British had to expand their army. They needed more soldiers and people from Indian villages were forced to enter the Army for a foreign country. The Imperial powers exploited the people of Asia and Africa. This encouraged the Indian Nationalist to strengthen their movement for independence.

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