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Unpopular and Controversial Laws

Some laws passed by the Parliament have been unpopular and not accepted by the people. Sometimes a law can be constitutionally valid and hence legal, but it can continue to be unpopular and unacceptable to people because they feel that the intention behind it is unfair and harmful.

In a Democratic country like India, citizens have a right to express their views in case they are not happy with a particular law. Then People can …

  • Hold public meetings
  • Write about it in newspapers
  • Report to TV news channels
  • Organize protest marches
  • Hold rallies
  • Go on hunger strikes



  • In a democracy like India, citizens can express their unwillingness to accept repressive laws framed by the Parliament.

  • When a large number of people begin to feel that a wrong law has been passed, then there is pressure on the Parliament to change this.

Let us look at a law that is controversial

  • Pavement shops provide a variety of things at a very reasonable price to the public. These pavement shops are very popular in all the cities.

  • At the same time pavement shop cause hindrance to people who walk on the pavement and even obstruct traffic in some place.

There are municipal laws that state that hawking and street vending illegal.

  • If this law is enforced then the livelihood of scores of pavement shop owners will be affected.

  • If the pavement shops are there then people who walk on the road find it difficult.

Hence, if the law favours one group and disregards the other it will be controversial and

lead to conflict. People who think that the law is not fair can approach the court to decide on the issue. The court has the power to modify or cancel laws if it finds that they don’t adhere to the Constitution.

The citizens of every nation have to remember that the role as citizens does not end with electing their representatives. The citizens have to be aware of what is happening around through newspaper and the media and review the work done by their elected representatives. The citizens have a right to criticise the actions of the government if they feel there is a need to do so.

Hence, it is the extent, involvement and enthusiasm of the people that helps the Parliament perform its representative functions properly.


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