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  • Secularism is the belief that no one should be discriminated on the basis of the religion he or she practices.
  • Religion is the personal beliefs and practices relating to the divine.  
  • Secularism is not discriminating any citizen on the basis of the religion he or she practices.
  • Religious discrimination has been prevalent in some places across the globe.    
  • Saudi Arabia is a monarchy and is governed on the basis of Islamic law. 
  • An important component of the Indian constitution is the ‘Fundamental Rights’ given to all the citizen of India.
  • Secularism is very essential for the smooth functioning of a democratic country.
  • People should have the freedom to leave the religion they have been practicing and join another religion. 
  • Untouchables is a term for a member of the hereditary Hindu class that was formerly segregated and regarded as ritually unclean by the four castes, and performed tasks that were considered polluting. 
  • The Indian Constitution orders that the Indian State be secular. 
  • A Secular State is one in which the state does not officially promote any one religion as the state religion.
  • Government schools are not permitted to celebrate religious festivals, as students from different religious communities will be studying in the School.
  • The State intervenes in religion in order to end a social practice that it believes discriminates and excludes members of the same religion.
  • The State intervenes to establish laws relating to equal inheritance rights, in the religion-based ‘personal laws’ of communities.

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