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Adivasis and their Plight


Troubles faced by the Adivasis

  • When the Adivasis were pushed out of the forests of Jharkhand they migrated to other parts of India and the world. The Adivasis experienced hardship and death during the migration. Five lakh Adivasis had perished in these migrations.
  • When forests were cleared for mining a majority of tribals are displaced.
  • A wide area of forest land was submerged under water when many dams were built in India after 1947. Due to this many Adivasis were displaced from the States of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jharkhand


Displacement of Adivasis

  • In the North east, Adivasi lands are war-torn and occupied by the military.
  • There are 54 national parks and 372 wildlife sanctuaries in India. These Parks cover an area of 1, 09,652 sq km. of forest land. The Adivasis were evicted from these forests.

Outcome of Adivasis’ trouble :

  • The Adivasis lost their land and their livelihood.

  • They lived in poverty.

  • Tribal children were malnourished and the literacy rate among tribals was very low.

  • Change of surroundings made the Adivasis lose their customs and tradition.

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