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Minorities and Marginalisation

  • The term minority is most commonly used to refer to communities that are numerically small in relation to the rest of the population.

  • The Indian Constitution acknowledges that the culture of the majority influences the way in which society and government might express themselves.

  • Thus, safeguards were needed to protect minority communities against the possibility of being culturally dominated by the majority and being marginalized.

  • So, the Constitution provides safeguards to religious and linguistic minorities as part of its Fundamental Rights.

Safeguards for the minorities :

  • The Constitution protects the minorities from being dominated by the majority community.
  • It ensures that the minorities are not discriminated and that they do not face any disadvantage.
  • The constitution tries to safeguard the minority community against insecurity of the lives, property and well-being.
  • It ensures that the minority communities enjoy the same Fundamental Rights as any citizen of the majority community would.

The Constitution provides these safeguards because it is committed to protecting India’s cultural diversity and promoting equality as well as justice.


The judiciary plays a crucial role in upholding the law and enforcing Fundamental Rights. Every citizen of India can approach the courts if they believe that their Fundamental Rights have been violated.

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