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  • Marginalization is the social process of being confined to a lower social standing.
  • Marginalization involves people being denied their fundamental rights which results in lowering their economic and social status.
  • Marginalization can be understood within three levels: Individual, Community and Global.
  • Adivasis are indigenous people and are believed to be the first inhabitants of India.
  • Adivasis have distinct languages, religions and forms of self-government, together with a deep bond to their land and respect for nature.
  • Adivasi communities do not have any hierarchy among them. They are totally different from communities organised around principles of the caste system.
  • Today Adivasis are portrayed as exotic, primitive and backward people.
  • This negative portrayal of the Adivasis has led to the marginalization of this community in modern India.
  • Forest Policies were introduced by successive rulers so that they could exploit the forest wealth.
  • When forests were cleared for mining and other purposes, a majority of tribals are displaced.
  • The term minority is most commonly used to refer to communities that are numerically small in relation to the rest of the population.
  • The Constitution provides these safeguards because it is committed to protecting India’s cultural diversity and promoting equality as well as justice.

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