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In previous year you have learnt about plane shapes and solid shapes. Plane shapes can only be measured in 2 directions breadth and length. They do not have depth or height. They have one flat surface, sides, angles and vertices. They are called 2-dimensional figures. Examples: Square, Rectangle, circle, triangle.

3-dimensional shapes have depth. They can be measured in 3 directions, breadth, length and height. They have more than one face and many edges. 3-dimensional shapes have many more angles and vertices than 2-dimensional shapes.

Example : Cube, cuboid, cylinder, prism, pyramid etc.


2-dimensional shapes 3-dimensional shapes


Some examples for 2-D shapes :


Black board rectangular in shape    Triangular shape pendent


Square shaped sun glasses                                    A circular mirror


Some examples for 3-D shapes:


Conical shape Santa's cap             A cylindrical tin                      Rubik Cubes


A storage box cuboid in shape                           Spherical balls

Prism shaped mini speakers

Combination of different shapes :

Light house surmounted by a hemisphere              Cone surmounted by hemisphere

The above shapes are combination of different shapes. We use these shapes in our day-day life.

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