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Mapping Space Around us

Usually, maps are used to locate a particular place, river mountain etc. Map is different from picture.

This map is drawn by Radha. In this map, the route from her house to her uncle's house is shown. How far Radha's house from her uncle's house?

From this map, it is very difficult to find which place is near from Radha's house. We do not know the distance between circles. So there is lack of information. So we cannot answer to the questions which are given above.


Now look at this map. This map is drawn by her brother Ravi. Ravi uses different symbols for different land marks. Longer line segments have been drawn for longer distances and shorter line segments have been drawn for shorter distances. He has drawn the map with a scale.

Symbols and mentioning distances has helped us to read the map easy.
The actual distance is denoted by 1cm or 1 mm in the map. This means that if one drawns map he/she has to decide that 1cm space in that map shown certain distance say 1 km or 10km. This scale will vary for map to map and not within the map.

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