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The English East India Company came to India to trade in Indian goods. Slowly it occupied our Nation and the pattern of trade changed over the decades.


Chartered in 1600, the English East India Company eventually transformed England's Asian trade into an extensive colonial empire. Initially, the company struggled to establish itself in India, creating small outposts such as this port at Fort Saint George in Madras. Within 150 years, the company had developed into a major military and political force in India, defeating other European trading companies and uniting much of India under British rule.



The British East India Company established British rule in India.


In the late eighteenth century the Company was buying goods in India and exporting them to England and Europe. It made huge profits through trade.

  • During this period of time there was a great industrial revolution all over the world.

  • There was tremendous growth in the textile and iron and steel industries.

  • Mechanised production of cotton textiles made Britain the foremost industrial nation in the nineteenth century.

  • The steady growth of the iron and steel industry in British gave it the distinction of being the ‘work-shop of the world’.

  • British industrialists began to see India as a vast market for their industrial products.

  • Soon goods manufactured in Britain began to flood India.

The influx of British goods on the India soil had a tremendous impact on Indian crafts and industries.

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