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  • When East India Company established power in India it affected the life of Indian Kings, Queens, landlords, peasants, tribals and soldiers in many ways.
  • Many of rulers revolted against the policies enforced by the British.
  • Even the peasants and the zamindars lost their power after the kings and nawabs.
  • The Sepoys were unhappy about their pay, allowances and conditions of service.
  • After the British established political power in India they passed many laws to reform the Indian society.
  • Many Indians began to feel that the British were destroying their religion, their social customs and their traditional way of life.
  • The anger of the peasants quickly spread among the Sepoys.
  • The Sepoy mutiny which started in 1857 threatened the British East India Company’s very presence in India.
  • The British were shaken by rebellion that started spreading all over India.
  • By the end of 1859 the British had regained control of the country.
  • The British decided to respect the customary religious and social practices of the people in India.
  • Policies were made to protect landlords and zamindars and give them security of rights over their lands.

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