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India is a democratic country and Indians are proud of the democratic norms followed by the government.

The basic ideals of democracy are.

  • The participation of the citizens in the government’s decision- making
  • The need for the government to have the consent of its citizens in all major issues taken by it

It is these ideals that make a perfect democracy, and to put these ideals into practice, it is necessary to have a Parliament.


  • The Parliament is the most important symbol of Indian democracy.
  • It is a key feature of the Indian Constitution.
  • The Parliament enables citizens of India to participate in decision making and control the government.

We just saw that the Parliament enables the citizens to participate in decision-making. Now let us see why it is important for the common man to participate in decision-making.

Let us answer the question - Why should People Decide?

To answer this question we have to trace our history down the years.

  • India was under British colonial rule from 1858 to1947.

  • Under colonial rule, the people lived in fear of the British government.

  • Many Indian leaders did not agree with the decisions taken by the British Colonial Government, yet they did not voice their opinion for fear of being prosecuted.

  • The Indian Rebellion against British rule started in 1857.

  • In 1885, the Indian National Congress demanded that there be elected members in the legislature with a right to discuss the budget and ask questions.

  • The Government of India Act 1909, allowed for some elected Indian representation in the legislature.

  • Still the Indians were not allowed to vote or participate in decision making.

  • The nationalists who lead the freedom struggle felt that all persons in independent India should be able to participate in decision – making.

  • The struggle intensified and India became independent on 15th August, 1947.

  • All Indians were free citizens of India.

  • The new Indian government had to be sensitive to people’s needs and demands.

  • The Indian constitution was formed and it laid down the principle of Universal adult franchise.

  • All adults in free India could vote and participate in decision- making.

  • In a democracy it is necessary that all citizens participate in decision making so that the government does not do what it feels like and the well-fare of the citizens are taken care of.


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