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  • India is a democratic country and Indians are proud of the democratic norms followed by the government.   
  • The Parliament is the most important symbol of Indian democracy.
  • India was under British colonial rule from 1858 to1947 during whichl rule, the people lived in fear of the British government.
  • A democratic government is run with the consent, approval and participation of the citizens.   
  • All the citizens of India are involved in the running of the government and in the decision- making process through their chosen representatives.
  • The Government is put on trial during the Question Hour and every Minister whose turn it is to answer questions has to stand up and answer for his or his administration’s acts of omission and commission.
  • Starred Question is one to which a member desires an oral answer in the House.
  • The Question to a Private Member is addressed to the Member himself/herself and it is asked when the subject matter of it pertains to any Bill.
  • The MPs, as representatives of the people, play a crucial role in controlling, guiding and informing the Parliament and this is a main feature of the functioning of Indian democracy.  
  • It has been suggested that the Parliament should reserve a certain number of seats for women, so that the problem faced by Indian women will get highlighted in Parliament and their problems taken care of.


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