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The People in Parliament
Now that we have learnt about the Parliament, its functioning and its significance in a democratic nation, let us look at the actual people who form the Parliament. That is, let us see who the Members of Parliament (MPs) are.
  • The Members of Parliament are from different backgrounds.
  • Many members are from rural areas and from regional parties.
  • Groups and peoples that were not unrepresented so far, are beginning to get elected to the Parliament.
  • Today there are more number of people from the Dalit and backward castes and the minorities, in Parliament.
  • It is good to have representatives in the Parliament from all sections of society, so that every Indian will be represented in the decision- making body.
It has been suggested that the Parliament should reserve a certain number of seats for women, so that the problem faced by Indian women will get highlighted in Parliament and their problems taken care of.
The Parliament, in a democratic country, can function well only when all the sections of the people are represented equally in it.

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