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Dalton’s Atomic Theory

In the atomic theory put forward by Dalton, he explained these basic laws of chemical combination. In other words, we can say that these laws led Dalton to conceive the idea of atoms and he postulated his atomic theory. The basic postulates of Dalton's theory are as follows: 

1. All substances are made up of tiny, indivisible particles.

2. Each chemical element is composed of characteristic particles which cannot be further subdivided. These particles were called atoms. (The word 'atom' is derived from Greek roots meaning something that cannot be divided or cut).

3. In each element the atoms are all alike and have the same mass. The atoms of different elements differ in mass.

4. Atoms cannot be created or destroyed during physical or chemical changes.

5. Compounds (now called molecules) result from the combination of atoms in some simple numerical ratio.


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