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The Cold Weather Season or Winter

The seasons in India can be classified into 4:- 


1. The Cold Weather Season or Winter

(i) The cold weather season begins from mid- November in northern India and lasts till February.

(ii) December and January are the coldest months in the northern part of India.

(iii) During the winter months the temperature difference between the states in the north and south are marked.

  • Southern states: 24° - 25° Celsius.
  • Northern Plains : 10° - 15° Celsius.
(iv) Frost is common in the north and the higher slopes of the Himalayas experience snowfall during the winter months.

(v) The northeast trade winds prevail over the country during this period.

(vi) These winds blow from the land to sea and they do not bring rain.

(vii) The weather is normally marked by clear sky, low temperatures and low humidity.

(viii) The inflow of cyclonic disturbances from the west and the northwest are typical features of the cold weather season over the northern plains.

(ix) This blow of wind from the west brings rain over the plains and snow fall over the mountains.

(x) The small amount of rain that is received due to these cyclonic disturbances is called ‘mahawat’.

(xi) This rainfall helps in the cultivation of rabi crop.

(xii) The southern regions of India do not experience cold weather.

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