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The Hot Weather Season or Summer


India Average temperature in May

1. The months of March, April and May are the summer months in India.

2. Due to the northward movement of the sun, the global heat belt shifts northward.

3. Now let us look at the temperature at different latitudes during the summer months.

  • Deccan Plateau 38° Celsius.

  • Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh 42° Celsius.

  • North west India 45° Celsius.

  • The temperature chart shown above confirms that the heat increases as we move northwards.

    1. Compared to northern India, peninsular India, remains cooler due to the influence of the oceans.

    2. Towards the end of May, an elongated low-pressure area develops in the region extending from the Thar Desert in the northwest to Patna and Chotanagpur plateau in the east and southeast. Air circulation begins to set in around this low pressure area.

    The ‘loo’ ,‘ dust storms’ and ‘thunder storms’ are the most striking features of the summer season in India.

    The Loo
    Loo is a strong, hot and dry wind which blows over Northern and Western India during day time in summer. With very high temperatures of about 45 °C, it can cause deadly sunstrokes.

    Dust Storms


    A dust storm or sandstorm is a meteorological phenomenon common in arid and semi-arid regions. It is caused by the force of wind passing over loosely held particles. Particles become loosely held mainly due to drought or arid conditions. The smallest particles first begin to vibrate, and then are lifted from the ground. The dust travels in suspension and lands again bouncing and causing other particles to move.


    A Dust Storm gathers in New Delhi 


    These storms bring temporary relief as they lower the temperature and may bring light rain and cool breeze.

    Thunder Storms

    A thunderstorm, is also called an electrical storm or lightning storm. It is a form of weather that is characterized by the presence of lightning and thunder. The lightning is caused by an electrical charge that builds up inside the storm due to the movement of water droplets carried by the wind. Thunderstorms are usually accompanied by heavy rainfall, strong winds, and sometimes tornadoes.

    Thunderstorms are sometimes experienced in India.



    ‘Thunder storms’ are known as the ‘Kaal Baisakhi’ in West Bengal. Kaal Baisakhi means calamity for the month of Baisakhi.

    Lightning during a thunderstorm


    Before the actual onset of the monsoons we have what is called the pre-monsoon showers.

    1. These pre-monsoon showers start towards the end of the summer season.

    2. Pre-monsoon showers are common in Kerala and Karnataka.

    3. As these pre-monsoon showers help in the early ripening of mangoes, they are called ‘mango showers’.

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