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The Onset and Withdrawal of the Monsoon


1. The Monsoon are not steady winds. They are pulsating in nature.

2. The duration of the monsoon is between 100- 120 days from early June to mid-September.

3. During the on-set of monsoons there is an increase in rainfall. This increase in rainfall is known as the ‘burst’ of the monsoon.

4. The monsoon arrives at the southern tip of the Indian peninsula usually by the first week of June.

Then the monsoon get divided into two:-


(i) the Arabian Sea branch

(ii) the Bay of Bengal branch

5. The Arabian Sea branch reaches Mumbai approximately ten days after the on-set.

6. By mid-June the Arabian Sea branch of the monsoon arrives over Saurashtra-Kuchchh and the central part of the country

7. The Bay of Bengal branch advances rapidly and arrives in Assam in the first week of June.

8. The lofty mountains causes the monsoon winds to deflect towards the west over the Ganga plains.

9. The Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal branches of the monsoon merge over the north western part of the Ganga plains.

10. Delhi generally receives the monsoon showers from the Bay of Bengal branch by the end of June.

11. By the first week of July, western Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and eastern Rajasthan experience the monsoon.

12. By mid-July, the monsoon reaches Himachal Pradesh and the rest of the country.

Monsoon clouds over Lucknow, India

The Withdrawal of the Monsoon

1. Withdrawal of the monsoon means the retreat of the monsoon. The withdrawal process is more gradual than the on-set.

2. The withdrawal of the monsoon begins in north western states of India by early September.

3. By mid-October, the monsoon withdraws completely from the northern half of the peninsula.

4. The withdrawal from the southern half of the peninsula is very rapid.

5. By early December, the monsoon has withdrawn from the rest of the country.

Monsoon over the Indian Islands

 1. The islands receive the very first monsoon showers, from the first week of April to the first week of May.

2. The monsoon arrives progressively from the south to the north.

3. The withdrawal, takes place from the north to the south.

4. The withdrawal begins from the first week of December and continues till the first week of January.

5. By this time the rest of the country is already under the influence of the winter monsoon.


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