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Gandhiji’s Experiement with Clothing

Gandhiji used to spin cloth on the charkha which was not only a symbol of self-reliance but also of resistance to the use of cloth made in the British Mills. From childhood Gandhiji’s dressing style was different and from time to time he kept on changing his style, so as to be one with the society. In South Africa he used to wear Western suits. But when he returned to India, he adopted the dress of the poorest Indian, Khadi. Khadi to him was a sign of purity, of poverty and of simplicity. Though Mahatma Gandhi continued wearing Khadi, he did not force it on the others. There were others like Motilal Nehru, Babasahib Ambedkar, Sarojini Naidu and Kamala Nehru, who did not wear Khadi.

Mahatma Gandhi's Clothing


Thus the changes in clothing are related to the shifts in cultural tastes and notion of beauty.

Economy and society also influenced changes in clothing

As the wheels of time keep moving, changes in clothing will also occur, as change is the essence of life.

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