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The War

The two world wars resulted in the breaking up of the barriers regarding dress codes. Many women stopped wearing jewellery and luxurious dresses and women from the upper – class mixed with women of other classes.

Due to the practical necessity, clothes got shortened during World War I (1914 – 1915). Nearly 700,000 women were employed in ammunition factories. They had to wear a uniform.


Uniform Worns by School Children and Working Women

Earlier their uniforms were of bright colours but later on, as the war dragged on, the clothes became simpler and plainer.

By the 20th century, seriousness and professionalism were reflected by plain and austere style. Schools began to emphasize the importance of simple dressing and even gymnastics was introduced for women. Women were allowed to wear the clothes that they were comfortable in. They used to wear convenient clothes when they went out to work.

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