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Democracy Promotion

Recently, many powerful countries in the world, particularly the United States of America, have taken on the task of democracy promotion in the rest of the world. Propagating the values of democracy is not enough. Existing democracies should directly intervene in countries that are non-democratic to establish democracy.
In some cases powerful countries have launched armed attack on non democratic countries.


Let us take the example of Iraq when we talk about Democracy Promotion.



(i) Iraq is a country in Western Asia.

(ii) It became independent from British rule in 1932.

(iii) Three decades later there were a series of coups by military officers.

(iv) Since 1968, Iraq was ruled by Saddam Hussein, of the Arab Socialist Bath Party.

(v) After becoming the president of Iraq in 1979, Saddam ran a dictatorial government and suppressed opposition to his rule.

(vi) He killed his political opponents and persons of ethnic minorities were massacred.

(vii) The US and its allies like Britain, alleged that Iraq possessed secret nuclear weapons and other ‘weapons of mass destruction’ which posed a big threat to the world.

(viii) In 2003, the US and its allies invaded Iraq, occupied it and removed Saddam Hussein from power.

(ix) In 2003, the US installed an interim government of its preference.

Many may not agree with intervention of one powerful nation in the internal affairs of another nation.


The question whether the US and its allies were right in their action in Iraq is still under debate.

Saddam Hussein 


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