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  • The value of democracy will remain unknown unless one experiences democracy and its absence.
  • A government elected by the people was overthrown by the military through conspiracy and violence in Chile on 11 September 1973 under General Augusto Pinochet.
  • Pinochet’s military dictatorship came to an end after he decided to hold a referendum in 1988 after which, the brutal and cruel dictatorship regime came to an end.
  • Prior to 1980 Poland was ruled by the Polish United Workers’ Party which was one of the Communist parties where people could not choose their leader freely.
  • In October, 1990, Poland had its first presidential elections where more than one party contested. Walesa was elected as the President of Poland.
  • The French Revolution inspired many struggles for democracy all over Europe.
  • At the end of the Second World war, many of the countries became independent.
  • After 1980, there was a big push towards democracy and democracy was revived in several countries of Latin America. The disintegration of the Soviet Union was the reason for this acceleration this process.
  • There is no single government that can rule the entire world. One government cannot pass a law that will apply to the people of another country.
  • There are many institutions in the world that perform partially the functions of a government.
  • There are 192 member countries of the UN and each country has one vote in the UN General Assembly.
  • Recently, many powerful countries in the world, particularly the United States of America, have taken on the task of democracy promotion in the rest of the world.

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