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The World Bank

The World Bank also gives loans to the governments.

Let us see the functioning of the World Bank.

The World Bank has a voting system similar to that of the IMF.

The President of the World Bank has always been a citizen of the US.

The President of the World Bank is, nominated by the Treasury Secretary of the US government.

World Bank

A study into the functioning of these world bodies reveals that they are not totally democratic. A few super powers dominate these organisations.

In order to strengthen world democracy in these World organisations:

(i) More nations should become permanent members of the Security Council.

(ii) UN General Assembly should become like a world parliament with representatives from each country in proportion to the population of the country.

(iii) These representatives should elect a world government.

(iv) Individual countries should not have armies.

(v) The UN should maintain task forces to bring about peace in case of conflict between nations.

(vi) A UN President should be elected directly by all the people of the world.


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