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A democratic government has to be periodically elected by the people in a free and fair manner. a democracy must be based on institutions that follow certain rules and procedures. These elements are necessary but not sufficient for a democracy. Elections and institutions need to be combined with a third element – enjoyment of rights – to make a government democratic. Even the most properly elected rulers working through the established institutional process must learn not to cross some limits. Citizens’ democratic rights set those limits in a democracy.

Dear Mr Tony Blair,

Firstly, how are you? I sent a letter two years ago, why didn’t you reply? I was waiting for a long time but you did not reply. Please can you give me an answer to my question? Why is my dad in prison? Why is he far away in that Guantánamo Bay! I miss my dad so much. I have not seen my dad for three years. I know my dad has not done anything, because he is a good man. I hear everybody speak about my dad in a nice way. Your children spend Christmas with you, but my brothers, and sisters and me have spent Eid alone without our dad for 3 years. What do you think about that? I hope you will answer me this time.


Thank you,
From: Anas Jamil El-Banna,
9 years old.


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