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The Drainage System

A drainage system is the pattern formed by the streams, rivers, and lakes in a particular region. That is small streams flowing from different directions join together to form the main river. This river ultimately drains into a lake or a sea or an ocean. From the area of the source of the small streams to the main river draining into the sea is called the drainage system.

In the river drainage system , we have the Drainage Basin and the Water divide.

Drainage system



Drainage Basin

Drainage Basin

A drainage basin is a region of land that is drained by a single river system. The drainage basin includes both the streams and rivers that conver the water as well as the land surfaces from which water drains into those channels. The drainage basin acts like a funnel - collecting all the water within the area covered by the basin and channeling it into a waterway.

Water Divide

Water Divide


Each drainage basin is separated topographically from the adjacent basins by a ridge, hill or mountain. This is known as a water divide. Western ghats acts as a water divide for the west and east flowing rivers of Peninsular India.

Apart from this natural drainage system, we have 2 man-made drainage systems.

  • Agricultural Drainage System: It is an intervention to control water logging aiming at soil improvement for agricultural production.
  • Industrial and Residential Drainage System: It is a facility to dispose of liquid waste.

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