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Role of Rivers in the Economy and River Pollution

Rivers have played an important role in human history. Water is the most essential ingredient for human life. Since ancient times people have settled on the banks of rivers.

Rivers are useful for irrigation, navigation, and hydro-power .




Hydro Power

So, it can be said that the economy of a nation depends on its rivers.

River Pollution


This wonderful natural resource is often neglected.

Untreated Sewage and Industrial Effluents are Drained into Rivers


Let us look at the reasons for the depletion and pollution of rivers.

(i) The growing domestic, industrial and agricultural demand for water is reducing the quantity of water in rivers.

(ii) A large quantity of untreated sewage and industrial effluents are emptied into the rivers, affecting the quality of the river water.

(iii) As the quantity of the waste water that is drained into the rivers is so large, the self-cleansing capacity of the river is lost.

(iv) The increasing urbanisation and industrialisation has increased the pollution level of many rivers.

(v) The ignorance and indifference of the common citizen the a major cause for river pollution.

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