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The Brahmaputra


The Brahmaputra River

The Brahmaputra River starts its course near the Mansarowar lake in Tibet ,very close to the sources of the Indus and the Satluj.

(i) The Brahmaputra River is longer than the Indus.

(ii) It mostly flows outside India.

(iii) It flows towards the east. Its course is parallel to the Himalayas.

(iv) The Brahmaputra enters India in Arunachal Pradesh through a gorge.

(v) The Dibang, Lohit, Kenula are some of its tributaries. These tributaries join to form the Brahmaputra in Assam.

(vi) In India , the river passes through a region of high rainfall.

(vii) The Brahmaputra forms many riverine islands along its course in Assam.

(viii) The Brahmaputra is marked by huge deposits of silt on its bed causing the river bed to rise.

(ix) The river shifts its channel frequently.

(x) The rain-fed river causes extensive damage during the monsoon seasons.

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