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Acceptance of Election out Outcome

The ultimate test of free and fair election is the acceptance of the election results by the voters

If elections are not free or fair, the voters will not accept the results.

It is logical to assume that if the elections are not free and fair, and rigging or mal practices have taken place, the ruling party should always win, as it is more powerful than the opposition.

Let us see the outcome of India's elections.
The ruling parties routinely lose elections in India both at the national and state level. In fact in every two out of the three elections held in the last fifteen years, the ruling party has lost. This brings us to the conclusion that elections in India are by and large free and fair.
  • In the US, an incumbent or 'sitting' elected representative rarely loses an election. In India about half of the sitting MPs or MLAs lose elections.
  • Candidates who are known to have spent a lot of money on 'buying votes' and those with known criminal connections often lose elections.
  • Barring very few disputed elections, the defeated party usually accepts the electoral outcomes as 'people's verdict'.

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