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Nomination of Candidates

In a democratic election people should have a real choice. This happens only when there are almost no restrictions on anyone to contest an election. This is what our system provides.

Anyone who can be a voter can also become a candidate in elections. The only difference is that in order to be a candidate the minimum age is 25 years, while it is only 18 years for being a voter.

A Candidate Files his nomination papers

There are restrictions on criminals etc. but these apply in very extreme cases.

  • Candidates who are nominated by a Political party can use the party symbol during their election campaign and they also get the support of the Party.

  • Party's nomination is often called party 'ticket'.

Every person who wishes to contest an election has to fill a 'nomination form' and give some money as 'security deposit'. Recently, a new system of declaration has been introduced on direction from the Supreme Court.

Every candidate has to make a legal declaration, giving full details of:

1. Serious criminal cases pending against the candidate

2. Details of the assets and liabilities of the candidate and his or her family

3. Educational qualifications of the candidate.

This information has to be made public. This provides an opportunity to the voters to make their decision on the basis of the information provided by the candidates.

Educational qualifications are not necessary for the candidates.

If Educational qualifications is made compulsory many uneducated people in India may lose their opportunity to stand for elections. This would go against the spirit of democracy


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