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Popular Participation

If all the citizens of a country participate in the election with enthusiasm and free-will, then it means that the elections in that country are free and fair.

If the election process is not free or fair, people will not continue to participate in the exercise.

Enthusiastic Voters


Voters Participation in Elections in India

1 People’s participation in election is usually measured by voter turnout figures. Turnout indicates the percent of eligible voters who actually cast their vote. Over the last fifty years, the turnout in Europe and North America has declined. In India the turnout has either
remained stable or actually gone up.

2 In India the poor, illiterate and underprivileged people vote in larger proportion as compared to the rich and privileged sections. This is in contrast to western democracies. For example in the United States of America, poor people, African Americans and Hispanics vote much less than the rich and the white people.

3 Common people in India attach a lot of importance to elections. They feel that through elections they can bring pressure on political parties to adopt policies and programmes favorable to them. They also feel that their vote matters in the way things are run in the country.

4 The interest of voters in election related activities has been increasing over the years. During the 2004 elections, more than one-third voters took part in some campaign-related activity. More than half of the people identified themselves as being close to one or the other political party. One out of every seven voters is a member of a political party.


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