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‘Food Security’ and its Necessity

‘Food security is necessary in a country to meet any situation, especially during natural calamities

Let us look at the following points :

  • The poor people, who are below the poverty line, do not have enough food most of the time.
  • Sometimes even people above the poverty line do not have enough food when some natural disasters like earthquake, drought, floods, or tsunami occur.
  • Natural Disaster

    Let us take one situation:-


  • When the monsoon fails totally there is drought in an area.
  • Due to this drought the production of food grains decreases drastically.
  • When there is shortage of food grain the prices of food grain increases.
  • When prices increase the poor people cannot afford to buy the food.
  • If the drought continues for more than one season, the situation worsens and the result is famine.

    Drought and Resulting Famine :-

    So to avoid famine, a country has to have ‘food security’.
    There should be enough extra stock with the government to supply food grain at a reasonable price to the poor, until the drought situation improves and production of food grain becomes normal.

    The United Nations has changed its definition of ‘food security’ since the 1970s

    UN 1975 – Food security is the "availability at all times of adequate supply of basic foodstuff.



    UN 1995
    World Food Summit - "Food security at the individual, household, regional, national and global levels exists when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life"


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