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Food Insecurity

We have seen what ‘food security’ is, now let us see what ‘food insecurity’ is and who are the people who are faced with ‘food insecurity’.

"Food insecurity’ is when people do not have sufficient nutritious food to lead a healthy life.

There is a large section of ‘food insecure’ people in India.

They are :

  • Landless people with little or no land,
  • Traditional artisans,
  • Providers of traditional services,
  • Petty self-employed workers,
  • Destitute
  • Beggars.
  • People employed in ill-paid occupations
  • Casual labourers
  • Food Insecure People in India

    Let us view these ‘food insecure’ people a little more deeply

  • The socially backward castes, the SCs, STs, and the OBCs are food insecure because many of them are in the agricultural sector and have land that does not produce much. They do not have the facility to improve their land.
  • The economically weaker section of the population is also ‘food insecure’, because natural disasters usually force them to move from place to place.
  • Women and girl children of the socially and economically backward sectors are also ‘food insecure’.
  • ‘Food insecure’ people are not evenly distributed. Some states in India have a larger number of food insecure people than other states.
  • States of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, parts of Madhya Pradesh and Maharasthra account for the largest number of food insecure people in the country.
  • We saw that ‘food insecurity’ is when people do not have sufficient food to eat, in other words we can say the ‘food insecurity’ is when people go hungry.

    Hunger can be classified as chronic and seasonal hunger

  • Chronic hunger is when people are not able to buy enough food, may be, due to limited income.
  • Seasonal hunger is related to cycles of food growing and harvesting, mainly in rural areas, were farmers have small lands. In urban areas construction works and similar casual labourers, who do not have work through out the year, also face seasonal hunger.
  • So, ‘Food security’ means eliminating all kinds of hunger, current or in future.

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