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Food Security

Like air, food is very essential for living. All living beings need food to survive, whether they are human beings, animals or birds.

The word ‘food security’ does not mean just the basic food requirements of a citizen.

There are three factors that are essential when we talk about ‘food security’ :

  • Availability of Food
  • Accessibility of food
  • Affordability of food
  • Availability of Food :-

    • The country should be able to produce or import the food that is required by its citizens.
    • There should be enough stock of food stored in the government granaries, for emergency.
    • A situation of non availability should not arise due to any circumstances- the government should be prepared for any eventuality.

    Accessibility of food :-

    • The food that is available with the government should be easily accessible to all its citizens.
    • People should not be in a situation to go in search of food.

    Affordability of food :-

  • The food that is available and accessible should be affordable to the poorest citizen
  • The price of food that a person needs, to meet his daily nutrition level, should be low enough for the common man to buy.
  • So ‘food security’ in a country means :-

    • Enough food is available for all the persons.
    • There is no barrier on access to food.
    • All persons have the capacity to buy food of acceptable quantity and quality

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