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Role of Cooperatives in Food Security

Cooperative Societies are playing an important role in ‘food security’ in India.

Let us look into a few Cooperatives in India :

1. Mother Dairy, Delhi :-

Mother Dairy Outlet

  • Mother Dairy was setup in 1974, under the ‘Operation flood Programme’.
  • Mother Dairy sources its entire requirement of milk from dairy cooperatives.
  • Mother Dairy also sources fruits and vegetables from Farmers associations.
  • Mother Dairy markets its Dairy products and fruits & vegetables through its sales and distribution net work at very reasonable prices.
  • Mother Dairy is planning to open retail out lets in other States across India.

2. Amul, Gujarat :-

The Kaira District Milk Cooperative Union is based in the village of Anand. This Cooperative is well known by the brand name AMUL. The success story of Amul is phenomenal. The network now covers
  • 2.12 million farmers .
  • 10,411 village level milk collection centres.
  • 14 district level unions.

Every day Amul collects 447,000 litres of milk from farmers who are mostly illiterate. It converts the milk into branded, packaged products, and delivers goods worth Rs. 6 crore to over 500,000 retail outlets across the country.

It started in December 1946 with a group of farmers were keen to free themselves from mediators and gain access to markets and thereby ensure maximum returns for their efforts.

Advertisement for the Famous Amul Butter

3. Academy of Development Science (ADS), Maharashtra :-

  • Academy of Development Science has facilitated a network of NGOs for setting up grain    banks in different regions.
  • ADS organises training and capacity building programmes on food security for NGOs. Grain Banks are now slowly taking shape in different parts of Maharashtra.
  • ADS efforts to set up Grain Banks, is paying rich dividends.
  • The ADS Grain Bank programme is acknowledged as a successful and innovative food security intervention.

4. In Tamil Nadu, almost 94 per cent of the ‘Fair Price Shops’ are being run by the Cooperatives.

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