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Story of Ramu and Ahmad







Ramu is a casual agricultural labourer in Raipur village.

Ahmad is a rickshaw puller in Bangalore.


He has to support his wife and 6 children

His family consists of his parents and 5 siblings.


His wife and eldest son do some work and earn a merger income

He is the only earning member in his family


As Ramu is an agricultural labourer he does not have work for 4 months in a year.

His earnings are not the same every day. Some days he earns more some days he earns less


At times he does petty jobs during these 4 months

Ahmad has a Public Distribution System(PDS) yellow card, which is issued for people below the poverty line


If Ramu finds employment during those 4 months, he can feed his family at least 2 meals a day.

Ahmad get all the necessary items like food grains and kerosene at a very low price through the government-run PDS shop


If Ramu is unemployed for those 4 months then his family does not get enough food to eat.

The PDS card has made Ahmad ‘food secure’, though his earning fluctuate like that of Ramu.


So, it can be said that Ramu is food insecure for 4 months of a year

So, it can be said that Ahmad is food secure through out the year

From the lives of Ramu and Ahmad we find that though both can be called ‘food insecure’ due to the nature of their jobs, Ahmad has become ‘food secure’ because of Government support.

So we can conclude that the Government has a vital role to see that ‘food security’ is available to all its citizens.

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