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The ‘bane’ of the Public Distribution System

  • The PDS is not fully effective as hunger is still prevalent in spite of the FCI granaries being filled with grains.
  • The poor quality of food grains is the main reason why the common man is not buying grains from the government ration shops.
  • Ration Shops are often closed and the service is very bad in these shops.
  • The quantity of wheat or rice allotted is never enough for the families as the allotment has not been done properly in many States.
  • Problems faced by the FCI :-

    • The granaries of the FCI are infested with pests like rats which damage the grains. When the quality of the grain is not of high standard nobody buys it and there is heavy stagnation which further damages the grains.
    • The new schemes introduced by the government have helped in easing the stocks to some extent.
    • In spite of these schemes and periods of drought the buffer stock with the FCI is excess, leading to wastage of grains and lack of storage place.

    Possible measures that can be adopted by the FCI

  • The Minimum Support Price offered to farmers should not be increased.
  • Procurement of food grains should be curtailed to some extent.
  • Framers should be encouraged to grow grains other than wheat and rice.

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