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We observe in our daily life that an effort is necessary to make an object move from its rest or to make a moving object come to rest. The table in your room does not move of its own accord. You have to push or pull to make it move. By applying a greater effort you can make it move faster. By changing the direction of your pull you can change its direction of motion too. If you press a soft rubber toy you can change its shape. Therefore, in order to change the state of motion or rest of an object, an effort has to be applied or, a force has to be applied.


Example :  we can say that force is an influence which tends to set a stationary body in motion or which tends to change the speed and direction of a moving body or the shape of a body.


We cannot see ‘force’ but we can certainly see its effects. Force is a vector quantity as it has both magnitude and direction. The S.I. unit of force is Newton denoted by N.

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