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How were the Lives of the People Affected?

Let us look into the clauses of the Indian Forests Act:
  • The ‘Reserved forests’, which were the best forests, were out of bounds for the villagers. 
  • Villagers could take wood only from the’ Protected’ or ‘Village forests’. 
  • Grazing cattle, collecting fruits and roots, hunting and fishing in forests was illegal and punishable.

Destroyed Forest


Villagers wanted forests with a mixture of species to satisfy different needs like fuel, fodder, leaves, etc.

The forests departments on the other hand wanted teak and sal trees, which were suitable for building ships and railway sleepers.

Logs Stacked for Export


Villagers used forest products like roots, leaves, fruits, tubers, wood, bamboo, creeper, vegetables etc.
The Forest Act meant a severe hardship for villagers across the country.
After the act, cutting trees, picking wood for fuel, hunting, grazing, fishing became illegal.

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