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The Kingdom of Bastar and the Rebellion

                                       The Location of Bastar



Bastar is located in the southernmost part of Chhattisgarh and has a common border with Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Maharashtra.
The central part of Bastar is on a plateau.
To the north of this plateau is the Chhattisgarh plain.
To the south of this are the Godavari Plains.
The river Indrawati passes through Bastar east to west.

                                                   The People

People of Bastar

There were different communities living in Bastar.
They spoke different languages and followed different religions.
They shared common customs and beliefs.
The villagers looked after their natural resources.
If a villager wanted something from another villager, he had to pay a small amount.
They had meetings once a year to discuss various issues of concern, including the forests.

The Fears of the People

When colonial government brought about the Forest Act, the people of Bastar started worrying.
There was a terrible famine in 1899 and again in 1907.
People began to gather together and discuss the issues of the villages concerned.
Messages were sent inviting villagers to rebel against the British.
Every villager contributed something for the rebellion expenses.
Bazaars were looted, the houses of officials, police stations and schools were burnt.
People associated with the Colonial State and the Law- makers were attacked.

The British Action against the Rebels

The British sent troops to suppress the rebellions.
The adivasi leader tried to negotiate but it did not work.
The British troops surrounded the villagers and punished those responsible for the rebellion.
It took three months for the British to take control of the situation


The Major Victory for the Rebels

Work on reservation was temporarily suspended.
The area to be reserved was reduced to half of that which was planned before 1910.
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