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If we raise an object to a certain height and release it, does it remain in the new position if there is no support? It doesn’t. It immediately falls towards the earth. Since the object is in motion, it means that there is a force acting on it. This force is due to the attraction between the earth and the object. This force of attraction due to the earth is called force of gravity or gravitational force of attraction. The earth pulls all objects towards its centre. This was what was discovered by Newton when the apple fell on his head. He also said that it was this same force which kept the moon revolving around the earth. He said that every object in this universe is attracted by every other object with a certain force. The force with which two objects attract each other is called the force of gravitation. If the masses of the two objects are small, the magnitude of the force is too small to be noticed or detected.

To calculate the value of g : -

To calculate the value of g, we know that the force of attraction between two bodies is given by F = ...... We know that force F = m x g.

F = M × g

By equating the above two equations, we get

g = 9.8 m s-2.


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