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Commerce, Media and Cricket Today

The popularity of cricket increased in leaps and bounds. Five-day Test matches gave way to One-day International Matches and today we have the Twenty 20 series.

Cricket Dress code

  • In Test matches the players wear ‘White and White’.
  • For One-day International Games the player wear coloured track-suits. Each country is allotted one colour. The Indians wear blue coloured suits and hence are called the ‘ men in blue’.

Cricket and the Television

  • The Game was first televised by Kerry Parker, an Australian television business man.
  • This concept of broadcasting the matches on T V soon became very popular.
  • The commercial value of cricket increased as many companies began sponsoring the game. The game was very popular and had millions of viewers all over the world.
  • Cricketers were asked to sponsor products and cricket has become a money-spinning game today.

Cricket and the Changing Techniques

  • Changes were devised in the Bowling techniques.
  • Bats have become heavier to enable the batsmen to hit farther.
  • Day-night matches, played from the afternoon to late evenings are becoming popular.            

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