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The Spread of Cricket

The British introduced cricket in all the countries they conquered and ruled.

Let us look at the countries were cricket became popular.


Though the British introduced the game in all their colonies, the natives were not allowed to participate in the game. The game was strictly for the British elite till the end of the 19th century.

Cricket in the Caribbean

  • The Afro- Caribbean population was not allowed to play the game of cricket.
  • The first non-white cricket club was established here in the late 19th century.
  • The natives only played informal cricket on the beaches.
  • After its independence ,the game was a symbol of racial equality , as the blacks entered the game.
  • The West Indies (Caribbean team ) won the first Test Series against England in 1950.

West Indian cricket team in England in 1950

The West Indies cricket team toured England in the 1950 season to play a four-match Test series against England.

West Indies won the series 3-1 with no matches drawn.

Test Series Summary

  • [1st Test] (Old Trafford) — England won by 202 runs
  • [2nd Test] (Lord's) — West Indies won by 326 runs
  • [3rd Test] (Trent Bridge) — West Indies won by 10 wickets
  • [4th Test] (The Oval) — West Indies won by an innings and 56 runs

National Level

  • In England ‘County Cricket’ is played within the country.
  • In India matches are played against states, as in Ranji Trophy Matches.

International Level

On the International level one country competes with another.

In India , cricket has come to be an unifying force. During International Matches, cricket fans join together to cheer their country , irrespective of their religion or caste.

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