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Cattle Farming

Cows, buffaloes and bullocks are called cattle. Cows and buffaloes are usually reared for their milk, and bullock as a draught animal.  Their hide is used as leather for making shoes. 

Cattle are classified as dairy breeds, which are raised for milk, draught breeds which are used for work and dual breeds where females are good milk producers and males are good for work.

To increase the production of milk, cows and buffaloes are cross-bred with bulls from high milk yielding foreign breeds.  Jersey, Karan-Fries, Karan Swiss, Friesion-Sahiwal and Holstein-Friesion are some of the high milk yielding cows developed in this way.  Murrah is a high milk yielding buffalo developed by cross breeding.  It gives 25-30 litres of milk per day.

Some hydrid breeds of cattle have resulted from crosses between domestic cattle in India and some breeds from the USA. They are large, grey or brownish animals with long, drooping ears and shoulder humps.  They can endure the hot, humid climate as well as dry summer heat in addition to resistance to diseases and insect attacks.

Cattle are usually fed with straw, hay, fodder, fresh green grass and oil seed cakes.  A feed consisting of ordinary grasses, alfa-alfa (a legume) and clover (also a legume) is good for cattle.  They are normally fed in the morning and evening.

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