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Egg and Broiler Production

India’s animal wealth is huge in terms of its population of cattle (204.5 millions), buffaloes (84.2 million), poultry (800 millions), sheep (50.8 millions), goats (115.3 millions) and pigs (12.8 millions). Compared with the rest of the livestock sector the poultry industry in India is more scientific, well organized and progressing towards modernization. The Indian poultry industry’s success story is uniquely exceptional. From a backyard venture, it has made a quantum jump to emerge as a dynamic industry. The last three decades showed significant development in poultry industry with each decade focusing the developments in three different sectors. The seventies saw a spurt in egg production; the eighties in broiler production; the nineties in poultry integration, automation and feed production.

India has 150 million layers and 650 million broilers. It is the fifth largest producer of eggs (40 billions eggs/year) and ranks 18th in the broiler production in the world.

Egg and poultry meat are typically marketed in fresh form. However, with the advent of cold storage facilities and entry of branded food products, the consumption of processed/preserved products is gaining momentum. Further with the urban family size getting smaller, housewives are looking for chicken in small and convenient packs. In addition the rapid mushrooming of fast food chains and growing dependence on convenient food, the poultry sector is poised for quantum jump.

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